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The Moyra brand from Hungary has been in the professional nail industry for over 16 years now. Moyra's product range is really wide, offering many different nail polish colours, all types of professional materials of the latest developments (UV/LED gels, gel polish and acrylic powder), nail art tools and accessories.

As one of the leading brands of the world’s stamping nail art market, Moyra offer the highest quality nail stamping plates with the most detailed patterns. While nail stamping has long been used at home, Moyra's plates are designed to perfectly fit salon work as well. Nail stamping enables nail technicians to create fast, finely detailed and unique nail art, esepecially when combining it with other nail art techniques (painting gel, magic foil, nail art stickers, pigment powder). Moyra design plates and work on developing the best accessories (stamping polish, stampers, scrapers, liquid tape) and techniques to make stamping easy and fast.

Moyra is very proud of their designs, as they they should be! Ever since launching their first plate collection in 2015, Moyra have kept coming out with new plates every month. Each plate represents a different theme and style, as we would like to make sure everyone finds a plate that suits their taste.

CesarsShop offers Moyra's professional nail stamping plates and accessories, nail polish, UV/LED colour gel, colour acrylics, files, brushes, and much more…