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Marine bamboo
We base our cosmetics on the marine bamboo extract - the active substance that won
The Green Ingredient Award in 2018. Marine bamboo is a plant that grows in the depths
of the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. It has developed the ability to protect itself from
highly harmful blue light (which penetrates the skin deeper than UV rays and accelerates
photoaging). The marine bamboo extract we use in our products has a beneficial influence
on skin that is exposed to sunlight and blue light (which is emitted by devices such as
smartphones, computers, TV sets or LED lighting). It stops the most harmful radiation from
reaching our skin, preventing damage to collagen and elastin fibres, which have an impact
on the look of our skin. What is more, marine bamboo has antiageing properties, it
smoothens and tones the skin and stimulates the production of collagen.
Innovative and patented ingredient. It is an ester that was created by combining piperonyl
alcohol with linoleic acid that comes from the safflower seeds. It lightens pigmentation
spots already visible on the skin as well as spots hidden in the deeper layers. It has an
antiinflammatory effect by regulating the release of inflammatory mediators - PGE2 and
One of the key ingredients of our products is squalane - dry oil made from sugar cane.
It has moisturising, firming, oiling and anti-wrinkle properties. It lightens the skin, improves
its elasticity and protects it from free radicals. It is a versatile ingredient, and that is why it
is also used in hair care products. Squalane increases hair moisture, improves hair elasticity
and makes your hair more resistant to mechanical and thermal damage.
Lipo Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate)
Highly effective liquid version of Vitamin C that improves skin glow by reducing the
production of melanin. It also lightens pigmentation spots and protects from premature

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