Base- and Top Coats

Bluesky's base- and top coat selection is high-quality and versatile.
Bluesky has a wide selection of base coats and top coats in both sticky and non-wipe formulas.
Most of them are also available in the PROFESSIONAL -line, which has bigger 15ml bottles for professionals.
Base Coats:
ACID FREE PRIMER is Bluesky's primer which helps gels adhere to the nail. This is not a mandatory product like it is with some other brands. For Bluesky's gels the only mandatory base product is BASE. Primer will help the nails stay on better for those who have issues with adhesion. The primer is air-drying and dries for 1 minute. Used as a thin layer before base coat.
BASE 01 is suitable as a base for gel polish, builder gels and Gum acrygels. With Bluesky the base coat is mandatory with builder gels as well but primer is not. This base is very thin in texture but the longevity is amazing. Clear.
BASE 02 is a clear Ridge Filler base which corresponds to other brands' regular base coats with its thickness. This is recommended to use with gel polish to give the nail more thickness and support than with BASE 01.

BASE 03 2in1 base coat which is also available in a Peel Off version. This base is suitable for those who don't want to mess around with multiple bottles or want to remove the manicure quickly. It also works as a top coat but remember to wipe off the sticky layer after curing. This base coat is not suitable underneath builder products, and it also isn't as durable as normal top coats.

MB RIDGE FILLER The MB-line is a collection of beautiful nude coloured base coats that also work with top coats without a separate layer of colour gel polish. Also suitable underneath builder products but the best choice for artificial nails is still BASE 01.

LRF RIDGE FILLER The LRF-line has all the same features as MB-series, but with a different range of colours. The LRF-line has a variety of neon colours, and the nudes are stronger and more opaque than those in the MB-series.

RIDGE FILLER BUILDER BASE Is like a level up from the MB-series. They have the same features, but in addition the Builder Bases can be used to build a short extension (5-10mm) with forms. Builder Bases also work for strengthening the natural nail. The self-leveling, medium-thick consistency makes them easy to use, even for beginners. Builder Base shades are a bit stronger than those in the MB-series.

Top Coats:

TOP 01 is a clear, thick-ish top coat with a sticky layer that needs to be wiped off after curing. Good choice for beginners who want a basic, good and reliable top coat.

TOP 02 No Wipe Top is a clear no-wipe top coat that doesn't need to be wiped after curing. This no-wipe top coat is very hard and shiny compared to other brands' no-wipe top coats, which is why it's not the best choice for using under effect powders.

TOP 03 Ultra Shine is a clear top coat with a sticky layer. As per its name, it should be Bluesky's shiniest top coat.

MATTE T01 is a matte version of the TOP 01 top coat. Has a sticky layer.

MATTE T02 No-Wipe is a matte top coat which doesn't need to be wiped after curing.

GTC No-Wipe Glitter Top Coats. The texture is the same as TOP 02 but mixed with glitters to spice up any manicure. GTC- line currently has 9 different glitter mixes. Don't need to be wiped after curing.

BCT, BST & BSY No-Wipe top coats are like the GTC glitter top coats. They all have a fun effect in them, (Golden Sand, Sandy and Egg Shell). These are trendiest top coats right now. Don't need to be wiped after curing.



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Bluesky - PH BOND 10ml

Product no.: PH BOND



Product no.: NAIL CARE 01


Bluesky Gel Base - BASE Coat 5ml

Product no.: BASE 01-MINI


Bluesky Gel BASE Coat 10ml

Product no.: BASE 01



Product no.: BASE 02


Bluesky Base Coat with Plant Protein 10ml

Product no.: BASE 04


Bluesky Gel Polish - THICK Base Coat 10ml

Product no.: BN 01


Bluesky Wise Wellness Base Coat 10ml

Product no.: BWE 01


Bluesky Gel Polish - BLOSSOM WHITE

Product no.: BLOSSOM B01


Bluesky Gel Polish - BLOSSOM CLEAR

Product no.: BLOSSOM B02


Bluesky Gel Base - Ridge Filler BASE 10 10ml

Product no.: MB 10


Bluesky Gel Polish - Ridge Filler BASE - MISS SANDY 01 10ml

Product no.: LRF 01

15.90 €

Bluesky Gel Polish Top - TOP Coat 5ml

Product no.: TOP 01-MINI


Bluesky Gel Polish Top - NO WIPE TOP Coat 5ml

Product no.: TOP 02-MINI


Bluesky Gel Polish TOP Coat 10ml

Product no.: TOP 01


Bluesky NO WIPE TOP Coat 10ml

Product no.: TOP 02


Bluesky Ultra Shine Top Coat 10ml

Product no.: TOP 03


Bluesky Gel Polish MATTE TOP Coat 10ml

Product no.: MATTE T01


Bluesky NO WIPE MATTE Top Coat 10ml

Product no.: MATTE T02


Bluesky No Wipe Glitter Top Coat 1 10ml

Product no.: GTC01


Bluesky No Wipe Glitter Top Coat 2 10ml

Product no.: GTC02

1 - 60 of 77 results