Customer Groups

Professional registering only available for those working in the nail business in Finland.

Thank you for understanding.

Do you have business ID in Finland? Great! First make your self a registered account to our website. After that fill a form and tell us a little about yourself, your business and your business ID so we can add you to our shop as a BUSINESS CLIENT. Business clients have discounts and access to limited products.


Are you a student in the beauty industry or do you have a certificate but you are not working as a professional? You can get to EDUCATED list and have access to certain products that are prohibited from regular consumers (New EU-regulation that forbids the sale of certain type of products to be sold for regular customers starting from 3.9.2021).
  First create an account and then send us your certificate via e-mail so we can add you to the list.

Remember to be logged in to your account for discounts and prices to be shown so you can add these products in to your shopping basket.

You will get a message after you have been accepted to the list.

Retail Sellers:
When you order Bluesky's Gel Polish 10ml TOP 10 or TOP 20 display + 20 pcs base- and top coats, you will be registered as a retailer.
After this you can order more gel polishes in 3 pcs batches. You can also buy all of the other 10ml colours. If you're interested, contact us at 0400 608621 or