About us


pressoCesarsShop is an online store speacializing in all aspects of nails, which wants to offer its customers quality products and the best possible service. CesarsShop gets its name from Cesars Secrets, an Austrian high-end structure nail series of the same name. In addition to structure nails, we also specialize in a wide range of nail polishes and nail art, as we want to offer alternatives to products found in department stores. Take a look at our selection and fall in love with the handmade indie varnishes of small manufacturers or get excited about the secrets of stamping!


Behind the company is nail design professional and family mother Satu Saarisalo, who graduated from LCN gel nail traning in 1997. Since then, Satu has also participated in Finland's first nail design championships for two years.


Although Kynsilakkataivas only got its brick-and-mortar store in the spring of 2015, CesarsShop's roots go back further than that. At the beginning of 1998, under the name of Nailfix, Satu first opened a nail studio that operated, among other things, in Helsinki's Kruununhaka. The company's operations expanded, and the CesarsShop online store was opened in late spring 2008. In the beginning, CesarsShop operated alongside the Nailfix nail studio, but lated becamse a full-time online store when the business grew large enough.


CesarsShop operated for several years in the basement of its former address as an online store and wholesale store, which you could visit at first once a month and later once a week during open doors. However, the warehouse store on the basement floor was a bit difficult to find, so a longterm dream- a street-level brick-and-mortar store right in the center of Helsinki-will delight both customers and company employees.