Whats Up Nails - Siveltimet - DANCE #19 ROUND BRUSH

Whats Up Nails - Siveltimet - DANCE #19 ROUND BRUSH

Tuotenro: WBD19

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Mahdolliset toimitustavat: Kirje, Postipaketti, SmartPOST-paketti, Nouto Vuorikadun liikkeestä, Matkahuolto, 1. luokan kirje ulkomaille

This round brush is great for cleaning up cuticles, and comes in a stylish pink and rhinestone covered handle and cap!

  • Hair bristles are made from Kolinsky sable hair that are known to be the best for nail art. If you compare them to syntetic brushes, our brushes hold acrylic paint/nail polish/acetone much nicer.
  • Use any nail polish remover or pure acetone to clean brushes. Pure acetone tends to clean them much better and faster, it won't damage this brush.
  • You can use a little bit of any oil on hair bristles after cleaning brush and shape hair to bring them to original position.
  • We recommend using acrylic paint when you paint your nails using this brush, since nail polish dries very fast and it is hard to create any intricate designs.
  • Put protection lid on your brush when you are not using it to keep hair bristles from any damaged.

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