PicturePolish Kynsilakka - SHARKY

PicturePolish Kynsilakka - SHARKY

Tuotenro: SHARKY

Varastossa, toimitusaika 1-2 arkipäivää


Mahdolliset toimitustavat: Kirje, 1. luokan kirje ulkomaille (ei Suomeen!), Nouto postin noutopisteestä, Matkahuollon lähellä paketti, Express-paketti 1, Postin Kotipaketti, Parcel Connect, Nouto Vuorikadun liikkeestä

Picture Polish Sharky is a grey holographic nail polish.

Created with AlinasNailPlace in 2019.  The inspiration for Sharky can be found in one of her favourite family films: Finding Nemo. There the sharks recite, 'I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food'. Alina felt this was a nice way to pick up the rather hackneyed Ghandi proverb 'be the change, you want to be in the world'

Clean nails before use.  Apply base coat.  Shake Sharky and apply two (2) coats for complete coverage. Apply a top coat for a mirror finish.

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