Konad Aloe Vera 98% Soothing Gel


Konad Aloe Vera 98% Soothing Gel

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Aloe Vera 98% Soothing Gel

Full 98 percent fresh and pure aloe! "Soothing Gel" of paraben, mineral oil and free of artificial dye, exclusively for calming the skin. 1.Contains aloe vera extract from California certified as organic to calm and conform tired skin from UV and the harsh environment. 2.Contains a white flower complex made of lotus, jasmine, rose, lily, freesia, daffoldil, iris and edelweiss to instill vitality to the tired skin. 3. Contains allantoin and betaine to keep the skin moist for a long time.


Hot To Use: Apply any time to the entire body including the face , arms and legs to moisturize sensitive and dry skin

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