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Moyra Kristalli Leimaussetti


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The Moyra Crystal Stone Stamping Set has everything you need to stamp crystal stones on nails. With this set, prepare your sparkling crystal nail art fast and easy!

The kit includes:
Stamping plate, lower tray, stone stamper, brush, stone pick-up tool, crystal stones in jar (about 500 pcs)


  1. Prepare all the necessary tools for the stamping.
  2. Place the stamping plate on the tray, then poor the crystal stones on the selected design.
  3. First you can try to shake the stones in the holes of the chosen design. Then with the brush of the set, sweep the stones into the empty holes.
  4. If you still have some empty holes, then place the stones into these holes with the pick-up pencil. Important: the crystal stones should stand on their flat back in the holes!
  5. Press the stamper against the design with a firm, but not too strong move so each stone could be picked up on the stamper head.
  6. Apply nail polish topcoat on that part of your nails where you would like to place the stone design. If you would like more durable result, use glue or gel, and stick the design on the sticky surface of these products. If necessary, use stone pick up tool.
  7. If gel is used, put the nail in the UV lamp and cleanse it if necessary.

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