PicturePolish Kynsilakka - CABARET

PicturePolish Kynsilakka - CABARET

Tuotenro: CABARET

Varastossa, toimitusaika 1-2 arkipäivää


Mahdolliset toimitustavat: Kirje, Nouto Vuorikadun liikkeestä, 1. luokan kirje ulkomaille (ei Suomeen!), Nouto postin noutopisteestä, Matkahuollon lähellä paketti, Express-paketti 1, Postin Kotipaketti, Parcel Connect


-Kuvat  Wasting Lifestyle

Nail polish Cabaret is a dark berry holographic nail polish with holo flakes + hex glitters and will dry textured on nails.

For a glam holo glitter manicure wear nail polish Cabaret.

Created with U_Nona in 2015.  inspired by Nastya’s love of all things cabaret, a place not for ordinariness or boredom.  So let the cabaret go to your head.

Clean nails before use.  Apply base coat.  Shake nail polish Cabaret and apply two (2) coats for complete coverage.  Finally apply Looking Glass Top Coat for a super gloss finish.

Caring for your nails and nail polish is very important.  So therefore store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep away from heat, flame and unsupervised children.


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