The SoNailicious Nail Art Brush Set of 4

The SoNailicious Nail Art Brush Set of 4

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47,20 €
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The SoNailicious Nail Art Brush set is a must have for every nail artist! High quality, durable and easy to use. Created by Maria Vlezko of specifically for flawless and fast execution of freehand nail art.

Buy full set of brushes and SAVE $10! The set includes:

  • The SoNailicious Brush #1 WARRIOR, 5 mm: this sharp detailing nail art brush is perfect for precise painting of intricate patterns, including floral, filigree and lace.
  • The SoNailicious Brush #2 NEEDLE, 10 mm: this versatile ultra thin, liner nail art brush is great for easy painting of fine lines, curves and waves. It's perfect for flawless execution of geometric nail designs, as well as French manicures.
  • The SoNailicious Brush #3 SPEAR, 18 mm: this long and strong striping nail art brush is perfect for easy painting of flawless straight lines, long curves, striping and colour blocking manicures.
  • The SoNailicious Brush #4 SLAYER, 6 mm: this ultra sharp angular nail art brush is perfect for advanced nail art techniques, including one stroke nail art and French manicures. Also can be used as a clean up brush.

Key features:

  • Suitable for nail polish, shellac, gel and acrylics.
  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free.
  • Soft, flexible hair for precise pattern painting.
  • Made from the highest quality materials - durable and acetone resistant.
  • All brushes are individually packaged and include protective caps.

NOTE: for maximum durability and best performance clean your brushes after each use.

CREATED & DESIGNED IN AUSTRALIA. Share the love: #sonailiciousbrush

Patent & All Rights Reserved. © 2017 SoNailicious®

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