Moyra Magic Foil 03 RED

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Moyra Magic Foil - 03 RED

Moyra's Easy and Magic foils are softer than regular transfer foils and will stick to anything with an even slightly sticky surface.

These foils can be used in the traditional way but you won't need a foil glue or foil gel.
Press the foils white/bronze side pointing towards the nail, so that the coloured side is facing up. Massage or press the foil on the sticky surface and pull.
These foils are meant for e.g foil stamping with Moyra's nail polish or gel polish based FOIL STAMPING POLISH. By combining these products you can transfer the beautiful foil finish on your stamps.
How does it work?
  1. Check that the polish surface is fully dry and not sticky. If the surface is rubbery (in example some no-wipe top coats), the foil might stick on it.
  2. Apply the foil stamping polish on the stamping pate just like regular stamping polish. Scrape off the excess polish with a scraper and quickly pick up he image on your stamper.
  3. Stamp the image on your desired spot on the nail.
  4. Keep an eye on the polishes surface, once it starts looking semi-matte press the foil on to the stamp with the white/bronze side facing the nail and pull as if you were waxing hairs. If some areas are left without foil, quickly repeat on the blank areas.
  5. Apply the top coat of your choice. Be careful not to press too hard so that you won't scrape off the foil.

Pick a foil stamping polish that matches your foil. You can also play around with the colours and use for example a black polish with rose gold foil. When the light hits at the right angle the black polish will shine through the foil and the stamp will get a beautiful rose gold hue.

If you want the foil to just show it's own colour, choose a neutral, matching shade of polish.

Avoid touching the underside of the foil too much. The foil is very sensitive and can stick to moist skin.

Keep in mind the size of your stamp. If the stamp is very thin, you can press the foil in it immediately. If your stamp has bigger areas you might have to wait a little longer. Stamps with a lot of variation can be tricky to foil because of their drying times.

Foil stamping polishes can also be used as regular stamping polishes.

  • Size: 60cm x 5cm

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