BO.Nail Acrylic Start Up Kit


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The Acrylic Start Up Kit contains everything you need to create acrylic nails in one kit! This Start Up Kit from BO. Nail makes it easy for any nail technician to start working with BO. Nail Acrylic products without investing an extravagant amount of money.


  • Acrylic Liquid 50ml
  • 3x Acrylic Powders 25g; Clear, Bright White, Cover Pink
  • Air Bond 7ml
  • Top Gel 7ml
  • HygiSpray 100ml
  • Natural Nail Sanitizer 100ml
  • Cuticle Prep 7ml
  • Cuticle Oil 7ml
  • Brush-On Nail Glue 5g
  • Tips 100pcs
  • Forms 20pcs
  • Nail Files, 5x 150 grit & 5x 180 grit
  • 2x Buffer files
  • Dappen dish
  • Acrylic Brush size 8
  • Tip Cutters
  • Manicure Brush
  • Pipet
  • Nail Wipes 30pcs
  • Woodstick
  • Acetone 100ml

Acrylic system

BO. Nail Acrylic Powders consist of medium to fast setting homopolymers. This means the perfect balance between cure and set time, allowing you enough time to create the perfect smile line, and also enough time to perfect your c-curve. Whether you are looking for a long-lasting french or the perfect overlay for your Gel Polish, BO. Nail Acrylic Start Up Kit is the solution.

Features & benefits

  • Optimal adhesion
  • Excellent wear and durability
  • Combines strength and durability
  • Highest quality and color consistency
  • Superior control and expert workability
  • No lifting and bubbles
  • Non yellowing
  • Guaranteed total natural look
  • Easy to apply - suitable for natural nail overlays, refills and extensions on tips or forms
  • Perfect solution for clients with thin natural nails as a protective layer
  • Does NOT Contain MMA: Ethyl Methacrylate based monomer


It's very important to remove the Arabic gum protecting the hairs of your brush before use. Break the seal on the hairs between a nail wipe and dust the hairs off on the nail wipe until all the gum is removed.

Before you start your application, eliminate all air bubbles by dipping the brush all the way to the bottom of a dappendish. Wipe the brush using the side of the dappendish to drain excess liquid.

Combine BO. Acrylic Powders with BO. Acrylic Liquid to create beautiful strong nails. Application time may vary depending on climate conditions. Extremely hot weather may cause the product to setup faster, or extremely cold weather conditions may cause the product to set up slower. Recommended mix ratio: 1¶« parts liquid and 1 part powder. It may be necessary to slightly adjust your Monomer-Polymer ratio to the climate conditions, however this will not affect the strength or durability of the nail due to the plasticizers.

Step 1: Follow the steps for preparing the natural nail. Wash and disinfect hands with the BO. HygiSpray.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of BO. Air Bond on the natural nails and let it dry for about 30 seconds (no UV light is used). The product will remain slightly sticky.

Step 3: Place the first bead of acrylic on the free edge. Using the tip of your brush, gently bring (press) the sides of the bead to each side of the free edge. Keep brush half wet to keep product workable. Gently blend the product onto the natural nail.

Step 4: Place a second bead on the center of the natural nail plate. Guide the product from left to right (left and right Lateral Sidewalls of the natural nail). Blend the product towards the cuticle. Tuck the lateral edges of the nail well with the acrylic and form a thin clean edge, without touching the skin. The remaining acrylic should be spread gently over the free edge.

Step 5: Apply a third bead at the cuticle. Leave a small space around the cuticle. Never touch the surrounding skin with acrylic! A thin layer in this area provides a natural, good-looking and long-lasting nail extension. Air fringes are prevented by pressing the acrylic well and a gradual thin transition to the natural nail at the cuticle.

Step 6: Follow the filing technique steps to file the nails into shape if needed.

Step 7: Follow the steps for applying BO. Soakable No Wipe Top Gel.


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