Moyra Acid Free Primer 13ml

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This solution promotes adhesion of gel and acrylic artificial nails by extracting moisture and oil from the nail plate. It should be applied to natural nails. 

Acid Free primer works like 2-sided tape that stays sticky and helps the nail structure adhere to the natural nail. Acid Free Primer does not harm the natural nail. Acid free primers are brand specific and should not be mixed with other brands. 

Primers always have their own drying time that you need to check from the brand. 

Do not touch the surface of the primer to check if it's dry. After applying primer the only thing that should touch the nail surface is gel polish or builder gel/acrylic.


If a brand doesn't have their own primer, it is usually designed to work with other brands' primers.

Drying time 3min


Unit size:13ml.

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